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What is Breakthru

Hip Hop 4 Health?

Mission Statement:

To deliver health through creative self-expression and performance; while enhancing the conscious connection of body and mind, built on the foundation of the four pillars – mind, body, spirit and community.

We at Breakthru believe everyone has their own unique journey in life that can be assisted on their way to produce better outcomes. By combining exercise with the universal language of music and dance we can all embrace a positive lifestyle.

Our workshops are tailored so that everyone learns Hip Hop in context and in its purest form. Our goal is to leave each student with enough understanding of the craft and to equip them with the tools to strive to be self-sufficient in their personal journey of Hip Hop and Health.

At the conclusion of the teaching course the students will have been exposed to new methods of maintaining both mental and physical health, and to the fundamentals of progression, which can be applied to learning any new skill in life.

The students will also learn how to apply their new knowledge and skills, along with their uniqueness, to a physical creative form while demonstrating respect for true Hip Hop culture – an outcome that operates on the dual platform of wellbeing for body and mind.

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